Colonoscopy in Englewood NJ

Colonoscopy in Englewood NJ

If you are due to have a colonoscopy for preventive care, we hope you will have your procedure done by one of our expert physicians at The Gastroenterology Group of Northern NJ. When you need to have a colonoscopy in Englewood NJ, for either preventive or diagnostic reasons, we know that you can depend upon the expert gastroenterology services of our highly respected doctors, just one of whom is Dr. Richard K. Chessler.

When a patient has a colonoscopy in Englewood NJ, they are having a diagnostic procedure during which the doctor can visually examine the inside of the colon. This procedure is done so that the doctor can find and closely inspect any possible irregularities that may be present in the call. During the colonoscopy, a tiny tube is inserted into the colon. The tube has a camera on one end and the images can be viewed on a display monitor in the operating room. Colonoscopies can be used purely as a preventive tool. However, a colonoscopy is also used to investigate symptoms such as abdominal pain or blood in the stool. Usually they are performed on a periodic basis for colorectal cancer screenings once patients reach age 50. Our doctor will let you know exactly how to prepare for the colonoscopy, as it is important that the colon is completely clean so that our colonoscopy test will have clear results. While our patient is having the colonoscopy, they will have a short acting anesthetic applied through an IV. This medicine will make them relaxed and sleepy, and they will not be aware that the procedure is being performed. All of your vital signs will be monitored during the procedure. The entire procedure will take about 15 or 20 minutes. Biopsies can be performed and polyps can be removed during the procedure, as well.

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