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Irritable bowel syndrome in Teaneck

If you are looking for a top, come to the Gastroenterology Group of Northern NJ. We provide care in all aspects of gastrointestinal diseases. This includes treatment of common disorders such as acid reflux and Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as screening for colon cancer and polyp detection. We also offer expertise in Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis, hepatitis, pancreatic and gallbladder diseases. In addition, we have specific knowledge in the use of biologic and immune modulating therapies for some of these conditions. Many of the physicians have specialized training in advanced endoscopic procedures including ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound and video capsule endoscopy. We are proud to be part of a new state of the art endoscopy center in Englewood Cliffs in partnership with Englewood Hospital and Physician’s Endoscopy. Board certified anesthesiologists and nurses are on site to make the experience comfortable and safe. Our gastroenterology practice has been providing high quality care to the community for over 50 years. Our eleven physicians are fellowship trained and board certified in both gastroenterology and internal medicine.

Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a chronic condition of the large intestine. Stress can make symptoms worse. These include abdominal pain, cramping, or bloating, excess gas, diarrhea and or constipation, and mucus in the stool. The Teaneck IBS doctor will examine you to determine if your problem is IBS or something else. The cause of IBS is not exactly known, but there are factors that may contribute to this condition such as muscle contractions in the large intestine, an abnormality in the nervous system, an inflammation of the large intestine, a severe infection, or a change in the microflora of the gut. Women are twice as likely to develop IBS than men, so hormones may be a contributing factor. Certain foods and stress are also risk factors.

To treat mild IBS, the Teaneck IBS doctor may suggest avoiding foods that trigger the symptoms, a high fiber diet, an increase in fluid intake, exercising, and more sleep. For moderate to severe symptoms, medications may be prescribed. Some of these address the possible causes while others treat the symptoms themselves. A thorough examination and complete medical history will help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment for you. Don’t delay. Give us a call today and take the first step in overcoming IBS.

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